Plasto-Ash Brick

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This project is about the conversion of Industrial waste into a useful product-The Plasto-Ash brick. Our township Neyveli has a public sector industry, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited. This industry has two Thermal Power Stations. The coal is burnt in the furnace and water is heated to steaming condition and the steam is used to rotate the generator and the electricity is produced. During the combustion of coal, huge amount of ash gets remained in the form of two, 1.The bottom ash 2.The fly ash. Both the forms, if not properly disposed or recycled will cause serious environmental pollution. There are methods for recycling ash like manufacturing fly ash bricks, fertilizers and manufacture of cement. The application if fly ash bricks are limited to certain areas because of their lower compression strength.
Nowadays the usage of plastic products has also become unavoidable. In Neyveli township there are about 20,000 families. Hence the amount of plastic material which is not being disposed properly is increasing day by day. As there is no local technology available to re-use the waste plastic, we thought of blending the fly ash and plastic together to produce a constructive material.

We first melted the plastic waste to 180 degree celsius (harmful only if the temp. exceeds 300 degree celsius) and then added cement, sand and fly ash in a pre-determined ratio. The mixture is then allowed to cool down in a required mould.

The plasto ash brick we made was unusually stronger than ordinary mud bricks and the fly ash bricks. We found that it was about 200 times stronger than the mud bricks after testing the brick in the Research and Development Department in our township. According to the reports given by the R&D department, the compressive strength of our product is about 330 Kg/cm^2. The cost of manufacturing is very very less. It costs about Rs.1.50.


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