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Climate change, global warming, oil spills and nuclear disasters are just some of the bad effects that our planet is experiencing due to the use of energy derived from fossil fuels. The need for a safe, clean, efficient, unlimited and renewable alternative source of energy is a must to prevent these bad effects from further harming our environment due to the use of energy generated from depleting fossil fuels.

The design suggests the use of earth’s gravity in creating mechanical energy to be converted into electrical energy. Like solar and wind, we’ve been tapping the earth’s gravity in generating electricity. Like in the case of hydroelectric power plants, the water will not rush down into the power plant’s spillway without the earth’s gravity.

The system is somewhat similar to a windmill in physical construction and in convertion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. But instead of wind propeller blades, gravitymill uses parallel propeller bars driven by weight balls to generate mechanical rotation. Guide rings are added to guide the weight balls to generate a continuous mechanical rotation.

In my theory, continuous mechanical rotation can be achieved by putting four guide rings, strategically positioned in reference with the rotor hub, the system’s center of gravity. These guide rings guide the weight balls' direction so that at a certain point some of the weight balls are farther and some are nearer to the rotor hub, the system’s center of gravity. In this condition, the weight balls that drive the parallel propeller bars will be unbalanced at all times thereby creating a continous mechanical rotation.


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