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The invention comprises an eclectically powered electrical generating power plant having dual rotors driven on a single common shaft. In this particle case there are two sets of primary run battery banks comprising a 48-volt system and using a suitable switching device one primary bank is used to power an electric motor that in turn drives a set of dual magnetic rotors. The primary coil of the first generator undergoes rectification and the resulting DC is used to charge the other primary run bank of batteries.

Note that the switching device keeps the two sets of primary run batteries separated such that only one set of run battery banks is powering the generator motor whilst the other is being re-charged.

The second gen. coil is also rectified to DC and that energy is also stored in a 48-volt battery bank and connected to inverters suited to grid-tie applications or for direct coupling to power ones home or to offset peak consumption loads etc.

Additional uses for this application might be to have a grid-tie 3-phase motor driving a dual rotor generator whose primary coil is returned unto the grid increasing its efficiency of operation whilst the secondary coil is used in a battery backup system to power homes and industrial applications or be connected to grid-tie inverters for use to power homes and industry.

Adopting this type of scheme will effectively alleviate stresses on the overburdened infrastructure and allow power companies to accept new costumes without the addition of new stress to the aging system. Another consideration is the Re-Volt-Gen can be deployed in areas where the grid has no access to the consumer more or less living in the wild by supplying electricity to camp sites, cabins and other remote locations.

Other benefits adopting this scheme point to self-sufficiency by chaining multiple units together effectively building an on cite power station might be realized.


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