Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) Secrets Revealed

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Creating a cleaner, healthier, safer world where you may never have to buy gasoline or diesel fuel again, where you could get a check from the electric company instead of a bill and where nuclear power will be unnecessary. Sustainable economies without pain or sacrifice.

Our patent application has been published, so we can now reveal why the Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) from Massive Nibble™ is better than all other engines and how it will change the world. The ZPE™ can help end concerns about global warming and help solve most of the world's energy, water, fuel and pollution problems, while helping create jobs and boosting the money supply by reducing oil imports.

The ZPE™ is heated externally, so any quality heat source can be used. Solar, geothermal or waste heat for Zero Pollution Power™, renewable fuels for carbon-neutral power or fossil fuels burned at high temperatures, for cleaner exhaust and better fuel efficiency than internal combustion engines.

The ZPE™ is powerful. It can be made to have a power density equal to or exceeding that of any other engine. It's smooth and almost silent. No longer will people who live near roads and airports have to lose sleep because of noisy engines. Passengers will be able to enjoy a quiet, relaxing trip, with almost undetectable engine noise and vibration.

Optical fibers are used in many modern laser welding systems, to transfer heat energy (IR) from a laser to the weld. By using optical fibers to gather the IR in sunlight from the roof and sides of a vehicle or building, then concentrating it into the small area of the ZPE™ hot side cylinders, a highly effective solar concentrator is created. Domed optical fibers and a UV reflective coating can be added to almost any body panel, wall, roof or wing. Lightweight, flexible panels can conform to almost any shape. By focusing the optical fibers on heat pipes, engine temperature can be automatically regulated. Heat pipes can also be used to couple a ZPE™ to almost any heat source and can be made into gratings for solid-fuel stoves, for excellent heat transfer without creosote build-up.

The ZPE™ is a Delta Configured Stirling Engine™ (DCSE™), having an even number of axially opposed cylinder or bellows pairs, separated by thermally insulating regenerator mounts with heat exchangers on both sides of the regenerators, thermally coupled to the cylinders or bellows, and separate hot and cold side crankcases. The aerodynamic advantages of a short, straight-line, full-bore flow path are obvious. The parasitic heat paths normally provided by the crankshaft, connecting rods and crankcase are eliminated.

With our Clayton Drive™ system, the ZPE™ can be rapidly and precisely throttled without loss of temperature or pressure and can coast or compression brake. When used as a heat pump (that can condense water out of air), the direction heat is pumped can be reversed, for defrosting.

Please download “Why the ZPE is Better” from, for more details.


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