Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE)

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This invention pertains to the Automotive Engineering and Green Technologies.

Today, oil accounts for 96% of the fuel that powers our country's vehicular fleets. The old polluting conventional internal combustion piston engines in our cars work by burning gas and creating an explosion that forces the pistons down, consequently, emitting over a billion tons of Co2 into our atmosphere. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide emissions a health hazard. That is why it is essential we find solutions to the noise, pollution, and health hazard caused by the conventional internal combustion piston engine.To that end, I have invented the Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine, (hereto forth called MRPE), to substitute the internal combustion piston engine.

With the MRPE, internal combustion is substituted by a neodymium (NdFeB) repulsive magnetic force which depends on a primary energy source of a 12 Volt battery. This battery then energizes an electrical motor to start and speed up, causing the magnetic drum to spin (by way of a driving belt), resulting in a repulsion of the magnetic piston heads. The pistons are spontaneously forced to move down, delivering a mechanical spinning force into the crank shaft creating a reciprocating mechanical force which results in a powerful torque. At this point, the power of the reciprocating magnetic piston engine is proportional to the volume of the combined magnetic pistons’ displacement in a single movement from top dead center to bottom dead center. And while the engine is running the crankshaft pulley (by way of the driving belt), the alternator activates, retrofitting and keeping the battery charged. The MRPE invention is a sustainable improvement of the conventional internal combustion piston engine,and an efficient, advantages and sustainable solution for continued vehicle mobility while minimizing health hazards, and at the same time, promoting green technology.

Figure 1 is an exploded view of the 4 cylinder (MRPE) and other features:
Reference character number 1 is the 12 volt battery. Reference character number 2 is the Start/Speed motor. Reference character number 3 is the driving belt that spins the magnetic drum.Reference character number 4 is the timing belt that spins and causes the north face polarity magnets in the drum to align with the north face polarity magnets on the piston heads to create repulsion/momentum. Reference character number 5 is the alternator that charges the battery. Reference character number 6 is the driving belt that spins the alternator. Reference character number 7 is the air coolant fan that cools down the magnets. Reference character number 8 is the engine monoblock. Reference character number 9 is air coolant channels between cylinders. Reference character number 10 is coolant strips that cool down the cylinders.Reference character number 11 is the air ventilators that cool down the magnetic drums. Reference character number 12 is the safety guard that protects the spinning drum from outside interference, i.e., dust, metal particles, rocks and/or human errors. Reference character number 13 is the magnetic flux. Reference character number 14 is the opening that exposes the magnetic flux.


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