Vehicle Electricity Creation and Transmission (vEcat) System

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This is the creation and transmission of electricity via wireless, through the use of diesel and petrol powered cars to power up communities and industries. A lot of alternative ways of creating electrical energy have been created and most of them cost of a lot of money to set up and install, but we are yet to see energy being created while recycling is taking place. Cars use up most of the world's energy on a daily basis and despite enjoying the ride and transportation solutions they provide we also need to convert the potential energy they have to useful energy. As we all know the oil industries will continue to operate for the coming years and we need to find a way to convert the negative impact of these cars to become a positive and the ways could be:

1) Driving for a 50/50 energy plan, having 50% of cars using energy from oil and the other 50% using electrical and hydrogen energy.
2) Making cars which use oil produce an alternative energy source which is eco friendly.
3) Powering communities and industries
4) Powering up other cars (electric cars)

Production of electricity from cars
Cars will use a more powerful alternator or transformer to produce electricity and they will be fitted with a microwave transmitter underneath the car, this will be used to transmit the electricity to microwave receivers located on the road and from there to the power source or power storage units. These receivers will be located at certain areas of the road known as hot spots. Power stations will get energy from these cars and electric cars will also be able to be energized from the hotspots also via microwave. If 50% of the cars in the world are to have these alternators to produce electricity they will be able to power up the whole of Africa.


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