Aqua-Solar Cell

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The scarcity of water in many countries is very clear and some wars actually started for water. The most water-poor areas in the world have long hours of sunshine and good solar energy resource. A good example is the MENA area (Medial East and North Africa) which have desert map and most cities are very near to the sea beaches where the humidity is very high.

If we campaign the foregoing information in our mind we will get two sources and one need, we have sun and humidity, and we need water to live.

Aqua-Solar cells may be one of the smart solutions. The idea behind is dehumidification of air using solar energy and Poltier effect. In the picture we have: the humid air is forced by the fan, which is powered by the solar cells itself, and then it go through the path which has number of fans in order to increase heat transferred from air to fins (these fins are placed in the same drawing plan). The heat sink is generated by using Poltair element which can use a bundle of super conductors in order to generate temperature difference. By the end of the air path we will have condensate water and dry air. The condensate water is cold at the exit, so that it could be used to cool the hot side of Poltair element in order to increase the efficiency.

The applications of these cells are to be used in water generation for life in the country which have scarcity of water, or it could be also used in HVAC systems to dry air and minimize the consumed power. Also it can be used in many industrial applications to minimize the power of drying, e.g. drying the cement raw materials before cement kiln entrance.

I think it will take place in the market of MENA area; it is especially useful for long trips in the desert, which are very often for the people of this area. Also it can be used in large scale as water generation plants for national use.

Manufacturing is not complex; it is just a solar cell, Poltair element, fan, some tubes for water cycle and metal fins. It will have a look little bit same as computer processor cooler.


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