Energy from Waves - Seabreath

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Seabreath is a device for producing energy from wave motion that improves the performance of the OWC (Oscillating Water Column).

This floating system can also be adapted to fixed installations like jetties or attached to other floating structures. Its particularity than other wave energy converters, that take advantage of the oscillating water column, is to produce a continuous and unidirectional air flow and optimize the exploitation of the wave with maximum simplicity of the structure.

Designed for industrial energy production, the system can also be put to domestic use with a structure that can be easily inserted in the environment.

Its compatibility with the environment, versatility, and constructive simplicity are matched by efficiency in performance worthy of a true innovation for the production of energy from renewable sources, more particularly, from the source that many experts think will provide the decisive answer to the planet’s growing energy needs.


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    Luigi Rubino
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