Embodying Pragmatism: Car Parking/Solar Farms

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Ever wondered what your car is up to when you are busy working in your plush offices?...Well, the answer is NOTHING!

With the rapid depletion of natural energy resources and increasing pressure on countries to curb their carbon emissions (Australia being the latest example where Govt. is planning to introduce Carbon Taxes), it is time that we as individuals take the fight in our own hands and give our future generations a safer planet.

My main idea is to use Open Parking spaces and the hundreds of cars parked there every day, as a medium to generate substantial solar energy. This will not only help reduce the carbon footprint but also at the same time ensure sufficient energy generation that can possibly power-up few thousands of houses every month.

This can be achieved through:
• Mounting solar panels on cars
• Plugging the energy source to feeder stations at parking lots
• Metering of generated power will help individuals collect carbon credits

The schematics below will help explain this green initiative a little better.

On average, solar panels produce 8-10 Watts of energy per sq. ft. Assuming 3x5 sq. ft. of surface area for a car rooftop, 5 hrs of sunshine per day and 22 working days in a month, a typical parking lot with a capacity of 100 cars is capable of producing 1.32 MW of energy per month. In other words, this 1.32 MW of energy, generated through a single parking lot can power up approximately 2,640 houses in one month (assuming 500 watts per house per month).

Imagine if every single car becomes a part of this initiative!


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