Energy/Power Ad Infinatum

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The Energy/Power system is an Axial Flux Generator, which is driven by a DC Brushless Motor, intermittently pulsed and running at high rpm's. The rotors are spun as a flywheel by the motor and are embedded with neodymium magnets that pass over copper windings, and produce electron flow through the coils. There have been additional modifications to the system in the form of magnetic bearings for increased performance and the addition of microchannel plates for electron multiplication.

All in all, the Energy/Power system(EPS) is the future technology to create all the Energy/Power required for Individual/ Commercial requirements. The power system is designed to advance the development and implementation of electric vehicles without the constraints of external resources.

Once the EPS is instituted into the power system it will be a self-sustaining entity. The power grid will no longer be required and with total independence, the individual system provides free energy/power.


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