Fuel-less Magnetic Generator

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They are known the generators “Perendev” and "Minato" which develop energy with the force of repulsion of magnets. A problem of these generators is the bulky control system. In generator “Perendev" the stator with magnets is divided into two parts which are closed at start of the generator and are disconnected at a stop. It demands the big space of the case of the generator and the big dimensions of managing elements. In generator "Minato" (or “Wang”) two rotors with magnets approach or keep away accordingly. This variant also is not compact.

The stator of the submitted generator it is not divided into parts. Magnets on its stator are established freely on axes - i.e. they have an opportunity to turn about the axis under influence of the managing mechanism. This mechanism can be executed in various forms. In the most simple variant the managing mechanism is a ring with triangular “teeth” in the internal side of this ring which enter into space between the magnets from the external (or top) side of the stator. These triangular “teeth” can rotate magnets around of their axes and change their inclination in relation to magnets of a rotor.

The magnets can be turned by means of their axes in the different ways.

At switching-off of the motor the mechanism turns the magnets of the stator so that their corner in relation to magnets of rotor becomes blunt. And magnets cease to push away a rotor. At inclusion of the generator the mechanism of management turns magnets of stator in such a manner that they start to repulse the magnets of a rotor. Thus compactness and simplicity of management is reached. The mechanism of management can be other forms also.
Magnets can settle down also on a plane of a rotor and stator--- in parallel an axis of rotation.
In this case the stator will be located above a rotor, instead of around it. In this variant the magnets of the stator can be fixed.

The essence of the invention is that the magnets have an opportunity to turn about the axis. But to turn and establish them -- it is possible in many ways.


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