Oscillatory Combustion Setup in Oil Fired Furnace

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In the recent times, the furnace industries are facing a major challenge in continuously reducing environmental emissions while improving the overall performance of the combustion process. A crucible furnace is no longer an exception to this rule. Due to the large scarcity and other technological reasons most of the furnaces are oil fired furnaces in the developing nations. The challenges encountered for the thermal industries are various. Heating the stock may be the crucial factor in the production line, stronger environmental targets and additional energy savings may be needed. In this process researchers have started emphasizing on two particular areas .One is innovation of newer alternative fuels which are clean form emissions and are abundant in nature. The other research area is obtaining the maximum possible energy form the existing energy resources, which also deals the overall performance of the systems.

 Oscillatory combustion technology (OCT) offers a low-cost alternative method to reduce the NOx emissions and increase the performance of the system. Retrofitting existing combustion technology using OCT allows a industries to not only achieve NOx reduction but also to reduce oxygen and fuel consumption, and hot spot crown temperature without reducing the melting temperature of the material. The given experimental apparatus (fig 1) comprises of an experimental electromechanical value, actuator, cam, swivel disc respectively. Due to the fast the swivel disc in the oscillation valve (fig 2) using the cam, it will be able to open and close fast enough to produce near square wave oscillations which further results in the increase of the fast response time and noise free process implementation. The maximum performance of the system( fig. 3) through the application of the oscillation combustion technology can be attained by varying the furnace amplitude, air fuel-ratio and frequencies respectively. Hence, maintaining optimum furnace efficiency not only minimizes emissions but also to conserve fuel resources and save a lot of revenue. This idea can be implemented not only on the furnaces industries but also in the automobile, transportation & other thermal industries.


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