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DeLagostti Technologies - Green Energy Systems - E2E Tech

E2E Tech = The Creation of electric energy in large amounts via the sole use of electric energy. Currently we are offering net 10 MW commercial power stations to as much as net 40 MW commercial power stations for one underground building. However if the land is there, one can build as many buildings as you need for the local power grid needs! So., this means net 40 times, say for example .... 5 buildings = 200 MWs etc.

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Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
CEO Extreme Engineer
Manhattan NY City & TN
United State Territories
Skype I.D. SaraAngelina007
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    Sarah Angelina Delagostti
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    Joe and Sarah DeLagostti
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    My mind in 3 D live motion
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    in-house brain storming
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    Video Games - Remodeling - Inventing - art - music
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    THINK TANK for the WORLD via Linkedin.com groups.
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    What can done be MUCH better. Zero Pollution Power Plant.

    NET 40 MW E2E Tech based Power Plant

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