Portable Wind Powered Generator

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This design is for a portable wind powered generator that can be easily transported and set up in remote areas to provide alternating current via a generator powered by moderate wind velocity and set up with minimum tools and personel.The generator utilizes a circular vertical wind catcher array on top of a modified triangular tower that is commonly used in radio communications and is used on the generator in twenty foot bolt together sections. There is a provision for a bearing assembly on the top tower section and the the base tower section if two sections are used. A single tower section with bearing on both ends is provided for educational applications for the wind generator where size requirements are limited. This device is designed for use in developing countries where reliable ac power is unavailable or the power grid has been rendered inoperational due to storm or earthquake damage. In developed countries the generator can be used as an educational teaching aid to demonstrate wind powered electric generation without having to install the larger conventional wind turbines presently available.

The wind generator consists of three modules: the wind catcher array, the tower module which is expandable and supports the wind catcher and associated drive shaft to power the ac generator, and the base module which supports the tower and wind catcher assembly by anchor legs and the weight of the generator and steel frame and aluminum platform of the base. This design of locating the heaviest components of the generator provide stability in windy comditions and allow the unit to be self contained and requiring a minimum of guide wires to be used to secure the unit when assembled.

The typical generator specifications can be from 1.5 Kilowatts for educational purposes to 25 or more Kilowatts for emergency and remote applications. The ac generator is a standard currently made unit readily available in most countries and the output voltage and frequency needs can be met by selecting a generator from the country or area the unit will be used in.The overall height of the generator with a single tower section is 25 feet and 45 feet with two tower sections installed,the foot print of the base is 6 foot square with a base 6 inch thickness consisting of the base frame assembly and platform. Once assembled the base is further secured with 3 foot by 1 inch steel anchors on the four corners. The ac generator controls are positioned so that they are accessable from off the platform providing added safety under harsh weather conditions.The unit is designed to be made from existing materials and set up with a minimum of mechanical skills.


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