Solar Systems Future

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Why rob Peter to pay for Paul’s solar ?


attractive, invigorating,
energy + heat + hot water + cooling + light generating

What If . . .

. . . they didn’t have to add to your utility bill to pay for your neighbor’s solar?

. . . there was no need for subsidies, incentives, or tax rebates for solar?

. . . instead of ugly add-ons, solar was beautifully incorporated into your structure?

. . . your solar encased roof created electricity from all directions?

. . . your utility would gladly pay you for your excess electricity and their check
made a major payment each month on your mortgage?

. . . a solar encased roof cost less than a new conventional roof
and had the option of all six forms of solar, not just PV?

. . . retrofit solar cost less than 40% of that which is available today?

. . . a solar roof had a longer life than the typical roof of today?

. . . America became the solar capital of the world by manufacturing solar
below the cost of solar manufactured anywhere else in the world?

. . . it created quality blue-collar jobs in America far beyond any expectations?

. . . America exported it worldwide -- rather than vice versa?

For the good of America, her people and the universe, the patent pending BI-SOLAR Energy System is a total system including a leading-edge composite structure supporting a universal standard “sandwich” capable of encapsulating most manufacturers’ solar systems, be it photovoltaic, thermal, solar lighting, hybrid geothermal, natural daylighting, and/or passive solar while using refraction, reflection and biomimicry to increase the output of photovoltaic cell, thermal tube, and solar lighting through multi-directional lens and cooling through biomimicry, be it in an entire wall/roof system or a stand-alone panel. The net result is a significant reduction in installed cost per kW and the ability to orient from most directions.

The solar cells plus the inverter constitute barely 1/3 of the cost of a solar panel installed. Therefore using ‘e-TECH’s leading-edge holistic transformational ‘whole house’ construction system that can be quickly assembled by common labor instead of out-of-date hand laid-up non-compatible materials requiring cutting and fitting in the field by skilled craftsmen in inclement weather significantly lowers the weight and cost to create the encapsulating “sandwich”. This results in an attractive, stronger solar roof/wall system projected to cost less than a new non-solar conventional residential roof and when used in conjunction with our column-less PolyARCH system, to cost less than 1/2 that of a standard commercial/industrial roof BEFORE tax credits/rebates thereby reducing the cost to ‘free.’

Upon an in-depth evaluation of this system and wishing it to be available to everyone, the man many consider to be ‘Father of Solar’ told his son, “This is what America has been waiting for” and has offered in writing to serve as a consultant at a significantly lower fee.


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