Aeolian Energy

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A new concept in the use of integrated Aeolian energy–even for light winds under the speed of 2.5 m/s,-with the assistance of a turbine that has double synchronized rotors with multiple folding palettes of the new type, with auto-regulating in wind and self protection on wind gust (flurry), for the eolian turbines with horizontal ax and also vertical. Thinking a turbine with double rotors provided with semi-rigid pallets made of natural fiber material or recycled, utilizing more ingenious solution with increasing the dynamic effect due to the adaptability to the force and in the direction of the wind through the control and the continuous modification on the entire length of the continuously variable profile with has hig torque of light wind, respectively it unfolds progressively until totally folded, for intensity of winds over the accepted limit.

Compared to the vertical classical turbines with multi-pallets, this type of turbine thought with a new vision, contains several registered mark solutions and presented as new elements:

- Vertical ax near to ground, with a great stability;

- Double rotor synchronized in reverse sense, on each side the pallets realizing the maximum bearing and symmetrical; The double of the covered surface, as well as the development in volume of this area through the special form of the sail–wing in a vertical plan, the characteristics of the type of the pallets used as well as the design of the rotor, confers to this rotor the major power of about 71,7% compared to the usual rotor and at the same time the size of the stability through the synchronized counter-rotation of the second component within the rotor with a very low level of the vibration and of the sound, thus adding a plus of rigidity, as well as simplicity and important reduction (under 50%) of technological costs per energy unit at the construction of the rotor and of the support structure.

-The continuous capacity of modification of the profile of the rotor in it total section, through increasing the lengthening of the wing (modification of the length of the pallet), the variation of the effective surface, inter-changeability intrados-extrados, all this according to request (necessity).

- Semi-rigid pallets made of natural fibers or recycled adaptable to the force and the direction through the continuous controlled variable profile.

- Works indifferently of the wind direction, self adjustment in wind and self protection at strong wind blows, the tips of the pallets being reinforced, so that this type of turbine can remain in function at extreme speeds of the wind.

- Low rotation energy generator with permanent magnets, placed low.

- Brings important increases to the performance and safety in functioning with low maintenance costs and very good total efficiency compared with existing solutions (of turbines), increasing thus the world energy resources. The new pallets are mounted also on the turbines in function.

The proposed turbine does not affect the environment; on the contrary, it creates the premises for substitute rapidly the major polluting resources with “a clean energy source” helpful to the activities and technologies in the future.


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