Home Water Power Station

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A Home Water Power Station using proven, replicated technologies... Dozens of people have built and shown generators running solely on water as input. The energy is extracted from the Quantum Vacuum, ZPE or ambient, just like the energy that runs your Atoms and Electrons. Have yours ever run down? Do you wind them up each morning?

This project will assemble a package that will allow people to detach from the grid and polluting power systems, and generate their own electrical power without adding to Global Warming or pollution. The exhaust from this device is purified water.

The Goldman Bossen is an example of how energy is extracted by nature from the Quantum vacuum. Modern physics is not confused like ancient Newtonian Engineers about this phenomena and the availability of limitless energy from the Zero Point Field. There is no need for nuclear, coal, gasoline, deisel, bio-deisel or other polluting fuels beyond perpetuating profits for their vendors.

Political change, funding, and a breakout from controlled propaganda media is all that stand between you and an immediate clean energy future. Inventors and manufacturers must be protected from ruthless energy enslavers in order to liberate the energy slaves from their captors.

Those who mock and deride "Perpetual Motion Devices" have been challenged to name a single thing in the history of the known Universe that has ever been or ever can be still. They cannot name such a thing, it does not exist. All things are in perpetual motion, there is no exception.

This is a fact well hidden in academic propaganda. Now it has been exposed and shamed. Spread the word, spread the technology, vote for this project and you will soon be able to buy all the energy you need at one time for very little, the price of a common generator and maintenance of it.

People have used off the shelf parts to build these generators. We will be assembling a working system with sourced parts for distribution to all in a single package under a recognizable brand name people can trust to work. This will rescue the people on this planet from Global Warming, Oil Wars, polution, poverty, hunger and all sorts of suffering due to energy depravation.

Those who spread fears of water shortages because of this technology fail to realize that with virtually free energy readily available desalination can and will provide all the clean fresh potable water the World needs and break the resource grabbers' hold on water. That is another reason they fight against these technologies so vigorously.


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