Cart Energy Converter

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As we know natural energy resources are limited in this world. Everyone is thinking of non-conventional energy resources. A single non-conventional energy resource can not fulfill the whole need of this vast world. We have to produce or convert energies where we get even a little chance.

Presented ‘Cart Energy Converter’ is intended to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, produced by drawing animal carts. ‘Cart Energy Converter’ consists of a magnet. With the help of this magnet the ‘Cart Energy Converter’ is attached to the rim of the wheel of the cart. Due to the motion of cart hence of wheel a load provided inside the ‘Cart Energy Converter’ starts moving. This movement of load produces electrical energy due to self inductance. Thus produced energy is used to charge a battery or high capacity capacitors. The electrical energy so produced is not very much in amount. But it can be utilized using high efficiency light emitting diodes (LEDs). Electrical energy can be used to power indicators of the cart itself to prevent accidents at night. Or this energy can be use to light houses. Unfortunately, most of the villages of the world do not have electricity facilities or receive electricity for few hours per day. Proposed device is practical and cost effective.


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