Highly Efficient Wind and Water Turbine

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Featuring a newly-designed renewable energy turbine for use in wind or water.

The B N Balance Energy Solutions turbine is designed for capturing energy from slow moving open-system fluids, such as wind or water, for the production of electricity, pumping or conversion for hydrogen production.

In current testing, the water turbine is able to capture energy in fluid flow speeds as slow as 1 mph, and the wind turbine is producing usable electricty at 6 mph, with continuous production up to 55 mph. Current test results demonstrate the turbine's minimum production starts at 35% up to 100% over standard existing turbines. The turbine captures more energy than existing turbine designs of the same diameter.

No dam structure is necessary for the water version. The turbine accumulates and utilizes 100% of the swept area fluid similar to the use of jet engine technology. The Bernoulli Equation and the negation of the Betz Limit are the principles on which this innovative technology is based.

There are multiple placement options at point-of-use; for example, corporate buildings, homes, farms, parking lots, power poles, street lights, charging centers, creeks, rivers and other waters. There are multiple applications for use, such as commercial residential, agricultural and recreational.

This turbine captures energy without disturbing the natural environment. It is safe for birds and marine life. If a bird or fish encounters the turbine, it will be safely ejected back into the wind or water without harm.
For more details see http://www.bnbalanceenergysolutions.com.


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