Chemo-Electro-Deposition Mining

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Chemo-Electro-Deposition Mining is a collection of technologies that exploits the acidic properties of Acid Mine Drainage to get electrical energy by means of ionic exchange. In principle it uses zero valent iron that is dissolved in AMD and displaces toxic metals such as Cadmium or Copper in AMD solution. These displaced metals are deposited on the cathode, made from an inert conductive metal such has a nickel alloy. This process results in a low voltage current across an anode (sacrificial zero valent iron) and a cathode. The benefits are more than just electricity, since the process also neutralizes and detoxifies the AMD, in doing so allows for the following additional benefits:

1. Recovery of high dollar value metals
2. Generation of electricity
3. A source of elemental hydrogen for fuel or industry
4. A source of clean water supply
5. A source of various non metals such as elemental Sulphur, Phosphorous and Halides
6. A facility to dispose of scrap iron/steel and/or recycle it
7. Averting potential environmental crisis
8. Reducing seismic threats due to mine empty mine shafts.

Key for image

GREEN ARROW: indicates output of the process
RED ARROW: indicates raw material input
BLUE ARROW: indicates where materials are cycled through the process
1 input pipes of mine acidic mineral rich mine water
2 flow control dam for mine water
3 minenut silo (to allow for controlled release)
4 minenut hopper
5 the channel complex. incorporates, sloped concrete channels (to allow minenuts to roll downhill). assembly of iron anode floation conveyor system, anode electrical parts, hydrogen gathering parts. please see idea for more detailed description.
6 conveyor machinery
7 spent minenuts drainage bay
8 electrical substation
9 hydrogen containment area
10 scrap iron hopper
11 scrap iron processing plant
12 spent minenut conveyor train
13 various different metal extraction facilities. you can see on the diagram that 12 keeps the minenuts separate, and delivers them to correct factory. bright colors represent metal salts
14 iron rich fluid flow control dam and large particle filter
15 main settling facility, includes technology to accelerate the settling of colloids (such as Shockwave Colloid Extraction Machine.
16 semi natural dam, incorporating plants to soak up the un recovered toxins and remove excess sediment not removed by 15.
17 sludge factory - processes sediments from 15 into iron and sulfur mainly
18 storage facility for 17
19 final stage water purification works. could be solar powered or electrically powered or hybrid.
20 clean water dam, either to supply municipality or rivers
21 pump house for returning (toxic) water to mine, and mixing it with mine dump silt from 22.
22 mine dumps
23 storage for raw products of 13 and train depot


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