DC Power Grid for Portable Structures and Homes

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We introduce a “Power Generation Station” to supply energy for rechargeable batteries and products including mobile phones, IPADs, IPODs, laptops, window fans, lighting, signs, EGRESS lighting, portable refrigerators, seasonal decorations, and simultaneously charge batteries. Multiple units networked together offer increased capacity to re-distribute power where needed most. Removes parasitic energy devices from the grid while providing emergency back-up power for medical, safety, lighting, and digital applications during power outages. Without relying on an inverter to jump DC to AC then require adapters to reduce it back down from AC to DC losing power in both directions to simply power DC digital devices, we choose to feed a DC deep cell battery inside each room mounted under the window sill from a DC solar panel awning that is consumer friendly and easy to install. The unit does not require certified electricians, regulatory requirement certifications, and is not connected to the grid like expensive rooftop arrays that only feed the grid and are virtually useless at night during power failures. Offering a USB port and a 12VDC car power jack output makes it worldwide compatible in any country. One can simply source the cable necessary to plug into a car jack to run their laptop, phone charger, etc. plus the unit comes equipped with a battery charger for "AAA" and "AA" batteries plus 2 additional voltage outputs (3 & 6 VDC).

With its unique module design, solar panels plug directly into each other to increase capacity and allow consumers to construct custom sized panels and capacity to fit their needs giving them an alternative to feeding the grid with expensive arrays. A consumer can add more capacity by simply plugging another panel module to their existing one.

This system would work well in portable housing for emergencies such as flood and earthquake victims. In less than 24 hours, a portable structure could have power to drive fans, lights, and a small portable refrigerator.


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