Floating Solar Field

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In the future, whole fields of solar systems will become increasingly important for electrical power generation. The question is where best to build such solar systems. Ideally, where there is plenty of sunlight. In development and test are solar plants in deserts. There are two challenges, however. On the one hand, the electrical current from the wilderness into civilization by long power lines, which leads to losses. The second problem is dust storms that cover the solar systems with sand and thereby cause malfunction.

Here, a floating solar-system is introduced. It can be set on the water at a coast, e.g. around an existing wind turbines park that is used for anchoring of the solar-array as well. The solar-array is put together by individual solar modules that are connected to each other via flexible conductor cables.

The cables are well insulated against sea water. Defective solar modules can be easily replaced.
The dimensions of the modules are chosen such they can easily move corresponding to the waves of the sea.


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