Proposal for Solar Laser Optically

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Concept Designs ..

Proposal for Solar Laser Optically
– lens Concept – turbine there is still a lot of work to do to this design but the concept is
there for the development of this design.
How the -Sun Light. Laser works to power the Solar Turbine

with the system Solar Laser Optically – lens Concept – this will send
a beam of condensed light the beam on to the turbine water injectors this then turns red hot and turn the water to steam and you have a solar steam turbine as the Laser Light from the Sun light - and this will tun Red Proposal for Design Assembly.

The Assembly Design of components I /e in the form of Laser Sun Unit
With this system you will have the opportunity to have various sizes of the components to have portability designs.
Unit to help in Disaster areas; Cooking Facility and Solar power for heating of food – purifying/ water .


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  • Name:
    Arthur Murdoch
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    new desiginer of new solar units
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    Turbo cad 2000 and gogle Sketchup 7 3 d modeling
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    just Sketchup 7
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    King Robert the bruce Heritage center renton
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    face book
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    I have have had lots of designs for over 30 years on generate power from the sun /wind i live 4 miles from the banks of loch lomond Scotland. and it sedans me to see all the burring of the rain forest all over our world when there is amens power out there that is carbon free from our sun
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    google SketUp 7
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