Using Mass to Get Energy

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A cylindrical object is placed on a circular track which has pressure points. This cylinder mass will be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees where it becomes easy to rotate, i.e with much less force. And importantly all the force of the mass will be at one place. (This can be understood with a diagram.) We rotate this object along the circular track which has re-coil pressure points. As this object moves over the pressure points the instrument is "LOADED"( like a gun), the object keeps "loading" many pressure points. These loaded "springs" or "air pressure points" can be triggered and the energy stored can be diverted to make the turbine rotate to get energy.

The force required to rotate the cylinder at 45 degree angle is less than 40%. We make use of mass of the cylinder and air pressure to our advantage while using less force and getting energy.


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    Laxmi Jagdev
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