Silent Portable Inconspicous Wind Generator

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Typical wind power generation farms are capable of producing large amounts of energy to be distributed throughout a wide network or to generate enough power for a community, but they are not at the scale and portability needed by organizations such as the military, contractors, farmers, ranchers and other organizations that require portable and/ or inconspicuous wind generators. My technology incorporates the design of a small, portable and inconspicuous wind power generator unit that can produce between 1.5 to 3.0 kilowatts (1500 to 3000 watts) of electricity.

In remote areas with poor local infrastructure, portable wind power generators can be used to provide power to communities that would otherwise go without electrical power such as disaster zones and military remote operations. Although this unit only produces 1.5Kw to 3Kw, it is still sufficient enough to power most 12 volt systems and charge batteries that could be used in conjunction with 110 volt power converters. This would also be ideal for most military and commercial backup systems.

In addition to the 1.5 to 3 Kw, this portable, inconspicuous wind power generator can be attached to each other in series or parallel to increase voltage and current. This would greatly increase the power output and would be much more effective in conditions that would require an increase in electrical power.

Currently, most wind power generators are fixed structures that are not portable. This is because they are erected straight up high in the air to capture the wind more effectively. Because of this, wind power generators need a solid foundation and may even require guide wires to hold them in place. The silent, portable, inconspicuous wind power generator system incorporates a vertical axis turbine and does not require the use of a fixed solid foundation because it uses the weight of the unit to help support it. The unit itself is weighted down by a bank of batteries that are situated on the bottom and can store the electric energy generated by the wind turbine assembly. As the wind speed increases above approximately 8 mph, the turbine assembly can be raised by the use of a scissors lift to effectively capture the wind and charge the 12 volt batteries.

The cost is relatively competitive with the cost of a standard horizontal axis wind power generator of the same power rating. This is because the unit itself incorporates components such as power inverters, charge controllers and other electrical devices that can be purchased off the shelf to help reduce the cost of manufacturing. Most of the parts needed for assembly can be easily manufactured or bought pre-made such as angle iron needed for the support frame and sheet metal needed for the side panels.

The unit itself is small enough to fit on the back of a standard-size truck or air-dropped from of a military transport plane. Once the unit is delivered, it can be easily set up and operating in a matter of minutes.


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