Method for Producing a Coreless Frozen Pizza

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Here is a process that helps reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources using an environmentally friendly cooking process.


* Frozen pizza has a long baking time in a conventional oven

* Uncooked part is always around the center

* Pointy end with cheese is sticky

* difficult to cut
* difficult to serve
* difficult to hold
* difficult to eat


* Baking time acceleration of up to 50%


* Introducing the "Coreless Pizza"!

* significant form factor innovation
* as significant as the pocket pizza which does not taste good
* unique design poses great marketing advantage

* Dimensions

* hole diameter of 3" (76 mm) is the size of a hockey puck
* pizza diameter of 12" (305 mm) is unchanged
* no change in packaging is required
* there is no impact on storage in the freezer

* Weight

* reduction of weight is only 6.25 % (e.g., 920 g -> 860 g)
* there should be no complaints as competitors's pizzas weigh less

* Compatibility

* "Thick Crust", "Thin Crust", "Rising Crust", etc.
* formulation change can be accommodated for combined effect
* tolerance is OK for diameter variation, weight variation

Intellectual Property (IP)

* Utility Patent on production method/process



* Cooking time reduction of between 30% and 50 %

* Better flavour and taste

* Disruptive change -> Paradigm shift

* Simple design

* Intellectual property

* Maximum novelty factor

* Great marketing opportunity


* Weight loss of 6.25 %

* Need for re-tooling to remove the core

* Italians may protest against such re-invention of the pizza!


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