Artistic Shade/Illumination for Parking Lots

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HOT parking lots, pavement and cars are very uncomfortable; and as this heat is reabsorbed, it radiates into warming the surroundings even more. Actually, there are very many parking lots, especially in the southern states, where heat is augmented because of this pavement radiation. Providing shade to these parking lots would make these unattractive spaces more humane.

Shaded areas would permit a considerably more comfortable use of these parking lots, plus it would mean:
1. Less HEAT would be RELEASED into the environment.
2. Less USE OF FUEL in air conditioning HOT cars.
3. Provide an ideal place to locate SOLAR PANELS, the energy collected and stored could be then used to illuminate the parking lots at night.
4. Collected energy could also be used to make the shades move according to sun position to OPTIMIZE the shade and the energy collection during the day.
5. Offer the ability of capturing rainfall for WATER REUTILIZATION.
6. The shades can become an artistic seasonal decoration for parking lots, that would attract consumers and improve the AESTHETIC environment.
7. Provide great location for the placement of advertising, MONEY from which could be use to finance additional project installations.

The materials used could vary between several recycled plastics, cloths, metals, etc. The shades could also join with living plants, permitting for plants such as an ivy or other, depending on natural species of location, to grow and have an even more ecological friendly environment, the GREEN FACTOR.


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