Reduction of Harmful Combustion Emissions

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The combination of adjustment in fuel/air mixtures into a combustion engine wherein a pulsating exhaust flow is directed into a catalytic converter, the harmful emissions into the atmosphere are virtually eliminated.

For a gasoline IC engine, the addition of one ounce of diesel fuel per ten gallons of gasoline as fuel for an IC engine combined with a catalytic converter, and the usual pulsation in the exhaust flow from the gasoline IC engine into the catalytic converter results in virtual eliminating the CO and NO emissions. For most vehicles there is a noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency.

For a diesel IC engine, adjusting the fuel/air ratio to produce a smoky exhaust from the engine, combined with the usual pulsation in the exhaust flow from the diesel powered IC engine, through a catalytic converter, results in a significant reduction in CA, NO, and overall hydrocarbon tail pipe emissions.

For an external combustion engine (think boilers and power plants)using coal or diesel, the combustion apparatus comprises an exhaust duct for directing exhaust fumes from an external combustion engine connected to a motor powered valve with a rotating valve plate, with perforation, that imparts a pulsation into the exhaust gases with induced calcium particles reduces coalescence of the calcium particles, wherein the exhaust fumes with reduced coalescence of the calcium particles flow through a catalytic converter wherein the unburned harmful emissions of nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and other hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by the catalytic converter. Additional air to support the reduction of the harmful emissions is introduced into the catalytic converter.

This was invented by John R. Mullinix of Harrisburg, Illinois. Re: (search for John Mullinix and Emissions). It also was recently published in Automotive Industries, May 2011. Re:

Mr. Mullinix's goal is to clean up the environment. The improvements in fuel efficiency was a pleasant bonus.

Mr. Mullinix is a retired rocket fuels bench scientist/engineer.


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    I want to enter my client, John R. Mullinix's marvelous development. He is a retired rocket fuels research bench scientist/engineer who has come up with a simple way to virtually kill the harmful emissions of Nitrous Oxide and Carbon monoxide from combustion processes (automotive, power plant, whatever). It can be seen on (search for "John Mullinix and Emissions". We have filed the PCT and it will be published in approx. 3 months. It was also written up in Automotive Industries May 2011, which can be seen online at Bob Brookes, Author, "Simple fuel adjustment reduces carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide emissions". It also meantions the 30% improvement in miles per gallon for vehicles.
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