IDS Integrated Distribution System

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TRANSPORTING without ACCIDENTS or ENERGY at just a few percent of today’s cost.

• Profitably occupying the idled work force
• Returning that lost economy
• In an unprecedented efficiency of TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES

All in a practical application of reliably known abilities. Whose manner in form and processes are ECOLOGICALLY & ENVIRONMENTALLY sound.

The Integrated Distribution System is a developing concept which is exploring the feasibility of providing a common network of connected structures in which a host of distribution processes (various transport, utility, and communications, etc.) may then become accomplished in the security of a precisely controlled environment, which effectively opens these processes up to reliably begin utilizing the greater advantages of existing and future technological abilities.

My research indicates that the cost of providing the network of permanent structure is not only lucrative from an investment perspective, as it is a much smaller structural undertaking whose permanent nature leaves its cost held to the limits of interest and principal, but that the systems when allowed to technologically evolve will generate a large number of exponentially increased efficiencies and enhanced abilities, whose combined values are magnitudes greater. Not one exponentially increased efficiency or ability in one process, nor even in each, but a whole multitude of applications occurring in and between the integrated processes.

Ttransport could have been accomplished more crudely without most of its accidents and energy in the mid 1800’s as the basic ability to produce a large diameter (15’) pipe utilizing rails and electric motors existed then. Without nearly all in the 1940’s…and in today’s abilities… not consuming but cleanly generating energy.

That there is more than an ample availability of reliably known structure and technology to lucratively begin an effort of real and visional change whose incremental, and ever increasing accomplishment over the next few decades will profitably occupy that idled work force and return that lost economy. And whose increasing completion in those vastly improved efficiencies and abilities will truly revolutionize the populations availability of time, energy and resources.

Not an innovative disruption. An implementation may well antiquate the in-place processes. Remember its accomplishment, which is in replacing highways will take decades to carry out, which is long beyond the short life spans of today’s processes. An implementation will be hard pressed to meet their replacements. The providers of the expertise will be the same and they will be investing less and profiting more in the largely increased efficiencies and enhanced abilities.

The large 15 ft dia depicted in the pictorial is believed necessary in order to achieve the smooth and immediate transition of today’s vehicles and containers. Understand the enclosed environment assures the reliability of automations closed distances and increased speeds which in turn brings one lanes flow rate capacity to a level of usage that goes far beyond the capacity of our largest multi-lane highways. Transports cost can become held to that profitable provision which is then divided by an exponentially increased user rate.


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