Household Water Treatment System

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Point of use household water treatment system: The system is a practical and effective solution for providing sustained access to safe water in Peru.

The system use biosand filters, chlorination and safe storage which are identified as the most effective according to our research and having the greatest potential to become widely used in Peru.

The goal of our system is to empower people without access to clean water to improve water quality by treating it and storing it in the home.

The key features of our system are as follows:
-Produce sufficient quantities of clean water to meet daily needs
-Effective for treating different water sources and quality levels
-Low cost, accessible and affordable replacement units and parts

In rural areas of Peru, 7 of 10 individuals are poor. The majority of the rural poor are active in agriculture, mainly as producers and often with limited access to health care, water, education and markets. The Sierra region consistently has the worst indicators.

In Peru social problems do not solely rest on the access to services but the problems are also embedded in behavioral and cultural practices. Cultural practices are particularly influential in matters of technology adoption and use. Technology alone will fail and our project provides support with a comprehensive approach and including: technical support, change management, training, coaching and cultural sensitivity.


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