Walk Assisted Universal Battery Charger

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A major problem with mobile phones and other portable multimedia devices (MP3, Media players) is that these devices need some standby time during the charging process. Obviously the user has to plug the device into a power socket to charge it. During this charging time the device's portability is lost and ultimately its usability suffers.

In this design a small wearable charging device will generate charging voltage enough to charge the battery. This walk assisted universal battery charger purely utilizes the energy generated from the momentum of walking. The design has a pendulum mechanism to power a small motor inside the device. The swing of the pendulum drives a small gear mechanism. The gear mechanism provides required rotation to the motor. The electronics of the charger unit allows the user to select the device to be charged e.g. mobile phone, multimedia player etc.

Another feature of this device is that it has an alternate spring wind up mechanism that will allow the user to charge the battery when he/she is not walking.

In rural and far flung areas where availability of electricity is limited this device is of indispensable use.

Also, electronic prosthetic devices like hands, arms and legs greatly requires this kind of device as in these devices the battery usability time is critical and is related to his/her routine work.

Another use of this device is in the defense field. Wireless sets and GPS receivers carried by military personnel no doubt have longer battery life but longer stays in field and range areas arises the need of such battery chargers. With the use of such battery chargers a soldier in the field can charge his communication and navigation equipment and implement the plans effectively.


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