Integrated Vertical Windmill-Generator

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The proposal is the teamwork of Mr. Wayne D. Pickette and Ms. Anna V. Epelbaum with already pending in the US Patent Office since 2008 Flying Dynamo patent application # 11936761.

This style small vane vertical windmill with an internal sail and infinite vane adjustment is presented by three sets of vanes, allowing for gusty or steady winds with nearly instant adjustments to wind variances. In vertical windmill inertia effects to smooth out wind variances and within the additional while the small footprint allows placement of these windmills on buildings, walls, posts in back yards, etc. The design may be scaled to any reasonable size. Although, with cost savings it would seem that an army of small generators may be much more efficient than larger windmills, as the group of small windmills can respond more dynamically to wind variances, realizing further gains in efficiency because, due to the low torque requirements of the flying magnet dynamo, it is possible to mount four dynamos on each windmill in production from 1500 watts to 8500 watts, depending on wind speed of 10 to 50mph.

Therefore, this device is unmatched in both the efficiency and low cost in comparison with similar purpose devices and larger windmills. The device incorporates a smart grid interface.


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