Precast Smart (Clean Water) Pervious Concrete

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Contaminated stormwater-runoff flows directly into our waterways worldwide.

The solution is our smart precast pervious concrete slabs/tiles/paver construction products -- pollution abatement technology that is environmentally friendly, extremely durable, versatile, cost-effective (30% above normal concrete), and easy to install.

Independent research determined 97.6% to 99% of oils introduced into pervious concrete are trapped and biodegraded.

Our solution: A Game Changer!

As stormwater races across parking lots and other pavements it picks up contaminates on its way to the storm drain. Our technology (lifespan of 15 to 30 years) helps in filtering and recharging local ground water, reducing flow of stormwater to holding ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans and can filter out many contaminates such as oil.

Our products successfully combat the harmful effects of pollution directly entering the world's water supply, minimize landscape erosion, save construction time/cost, and provide years of lasting service. Our products help meet regulatory requirements governing sustainable building, operations, watershed, and landscaping.

We are the world's best (and only) solution for waste water runoff.

We are now among the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agencies) preferred building practice for this world-wide concern.

Our technology can be used for new construction or retro-fit existing concrete/asphalt surfaces (parking lots/driveways/walkways/patios/storm water runoff basins) and a myriad of surface applications for water runoff concerns. Hydrocarbons, such as oils, are a food source for many naturally occurring bacteria and fungi. Pervious concrete provides the right environment for the microorganisms to feed on the oil and biodegrade it into simpler chemical components that are released into the atmosphere. Rather than directing and storing stormwater off-site, our open-cell structure models the natural ground cover, allowing rainwater to filter through to the underlying soil.

Our technology eliminates the need for retention ponds and other stormwater runoff collection methods, providing for more efficient land use.

Our smart precast (ready-to-use/drop in place) high performance-engineered concrete filtration system is created with controlled amounts of aggregates, water and cementious materials to create a mass of aggregate particles covered with a thin coating of paste. Our pervious concrete mixture contains little/no sand and builds a strong yet substantially void content. Our paste coats/binds the aggregate particles together and creates system of highly permeable/interconnected voids that drains quickly. Typically 15% and 25% voids are achieved within our hardened concrete achieving high flow rates for water passing through it with flow typically around 480 in./hr (0.34 cm/s).

We cast in reusable molds and cured in quality controlled environments. Transported fully cured and easily lifted/set into place in any weather. In strong contrast to poured-in-place pervious concrete (directed by weather conditions such as heat/rain/cold/inclement weather). Poured in place pervious concrete can take up to two weeks for that variable product to fully cure. It must be covered to protect it from the elements and cannot be walked/driven upon limits use. On-site poured concrete uses more man hours and involves inconsistent construction variables.

Our technology also creates hard versatile environmentally friendly surfaces where now many building codes require a permiable surface area.

World-wide wastewater solutions!


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