Present Necessity

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• What problem does your design idea solve?
The need for housing around the world to people who have been hit by natural disasters and those who need to improve their quality of life.

• What are the potential benefits?
To improve the live of those who have been hit by natural disasters and be prepared to respond to future disasters

• How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
It's not in the market

• Where would this idea be applied?
Around the world where it's needed (Japan, US, Haiti...)

• What is the market potential?
One for every house

• How does your design work?
It is a series of prefabricated panels that can be easily assembled into a durable, quality house.

• How would your product be manufactured?
Using standard stock sizes of wood 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 80” cut to sizes, 1” thick plywood cut to sizes.

• How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
Very low since is designed w/ the most economical pieces of stock


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    Elias Chavez Monarrez
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    Solidworks 2010-2011 Student Edition
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