Eco Friendly KE Electricity Generator

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In NYC alone there are over 8 million people. On average a person applies 20 Newtons of Force that is absorbed into the pavement and wasted. Given an average of 5K steps, there are 8 trillion Newtons of force in NYC alone that can be converted into electricity daily!

This generator creates electricity by the proven method of magnetic induction. It also has a back up solar component that sustains the change in magnetic flux when no pressure is available.

All parts are insulated from weather and the magnetic field is arranged and shielded so that no pedestrians are exposed. Currently several designs are being analyzed to find the most cost effective design. The design I have featured, is a screw design, where the top shaft rotates at high speed into the holder. The first picture indicates how every mini-generator will be arranged topographically capture maximum pressure. The second picture displays a close up of the shaft which holds several turns of coil and a varying area. It is that change in area and rotation speed which I am modifying to produce maximum electrical power (Kwh) per step. Springs (not pictured) supplies the energy for the top to return to normal position. Every "screw" is arranged to obtain maximum force from each step. The ideal place for these energy generating street tiles would be play grounds, times square, highways and other high pressure areas to generate electricity for neighboring buildings.


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