Adjustable Geometry Bicycle

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This is an adjustable geometry prone recumbent bicycle. The bike is displayed in its "down" position. At low speeds it is "upright", allowing balance by aligning the riders hips over the pedals and the hands over the front wheel. At speeds over 30 mph, the bike will lower down by use of pneumatic gas springs and allow the rider to maintain a more streamlined position for reduced wind resistance. Braking at using the inertia to raise the bike back up to for low speed maneuvering and stopping. This bike does especially well for hill climbing as well due to the ergonomics of leaning into the hill as opposed to be perpendicularly positio9ned to it with current bike geometry.

The frame is foam core, wrapped in carbon fiber.

The gear drive system is still being developed and tested, and would not like to discuss until finished.


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