Currently there is a need/desire for alternative energy vehicles. One major problem is the cost. The Chevy Volt is selling for about $35,000 and the Nissan Leaf is around the same. Not a bad price for a new vehicle, but my problem is I already own my car.

The design I am submitting is for a 40-passenger commuter aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability. The aircraft is in stable equilibrium during all phases of its flight - during take off, cruising horizontally and landing. Stable equilibrium is achieved by having a single thrust axis.

A. The background

The 4 stroke Otto engine

Internal combustion gasoline (Otto) engine is an basic prime mover for the passenger automobiles and many other applications. The problem with this engine is its inherently low thermal efficiency in order of 24 - 26%.

Helium is very expensive to use in a dirigible and even in a larger balloon or a non-rigged air ship. Some of us even after all this time since the Hindenburg crashed in flames, consider hydrogen as being dangerous. This is a false reason about not using hydrogen.

An electric-plasma thruster utilizing Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) technology has a potential application as a low-cost, high-efficiency thruster for Earth orbit maneuvering and interplanetary propulsive operations. The basic concept uses ion acceleration along with jet formation of the resulting plasma.

We all know the timed traffic signs with big digital screens. But also most of us get bored when we wait until the count down finish to move our car even though the road is already empty and many seconds are wasted for nothing.

This is an adjustable geometry prone recumbent bicycle. The bike is displayed in its "down" position. At low speeds it is "upright", allowing balance by aligning the riders hips over the pedals and the hands over the front wheel. At speeds over 30 mph,

The new product idea is nicknamed the A-STAR Advanced Superior Tactical Aero Rotorcraft, which has agility control ability via full dimensional thrust vectoring techniques. The A-STAR can be branched from Unmanned Air Vehicle to Manned Vehicle into Safe Air Travel also known as 3 Dimensional Travel.

On a typical aircraft wing, a surface that rises from the top surface to help with laminar flow, and depending on the speed,

In the classical movie/TV shot of an aircraft touching down, tires meet the payment with a load squeal and a puff of smoke as they spin-up. Annual commercial flights in the United States are approaching 10M (Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) • U.S.

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