Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS)

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So far, it has been impossible to get emissions of gasoline/diesel engines down do 0%. With the Fully Internal Combustion System though, it can do just that. But first, an introduction to conventional superchargers that are used in high performance cars: A supercharger is used when an engine needs more power. The engine's crankshaft turns a belt that drives the supercharger, compressing air and feeding it into the engine's intake. This gives more power since there is compressed air inside the piston chamber now.

How FICS works is that it uses a modified SuperCharger so that it compresses exhaust air instead of intake air. It is still the same concept but this time, it uses the engine's power to compress unwanted, polluting, exhaust gas down the exhaust pipe. One of 2 configurations could be possible:

1.Now as the air reaches the muffler, advanced CO2 "sponges" located inside the muffler filter out the carbon dioxide and let the rest of the gas escape into the atmosphere. (this configuration could be used on smaller cars with a low price as this will not require a supercharger to compress the air)

2.A CO2 tank could also be implanted to capture the CO2 as well and serve as a pressurized holding tank for other hazardous gases to the environment. This tank will then be later on transferred to a facility to filter out the air correctly.

As you can see, FICS contains all the gases into a container that will be later correctly disposed of, eliminating all types of emissions.


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