Hot Air Dirigible

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I am building a hot air dirigible that has many uses. In small payload designs, the dirigible can be used by military and police departments for surveillance. In the radio controlled designs, the operating costs would be much less than helicopters that have operating costs are more than $350 dollars per hour, being in the $20-$50 per hour range.

In personal aircraft designs, this gives the pilot a helicopter flight advantage at a lower cost and a higher safety margin.

In the high flying solar powered model, this can provide city wide broadcast and satellite communications capability much cheaper than satellites.

In the heavy lift category, the hot air dirigible competes very favorably against helium lift dirigibles, and heavy lift airplanes, like the c-17.

Helium lift dirigibles always have the problem that in order to add weight ( cargo ) to the dirigible, you have to get more lift by putting more helium into dirigible. Then the extra helium has to be vented when the cargo is unloaded. Very Expensive. The hot air dirigible just heats the air more, and more lift is provided. When the cargo is delivered, the air is cooled down.

Hot air dirigibles can deliver its cargo to an open field if needed. No runway is needed.

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