Hydristor Retrofit

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The Hydristor retrofit is intended to convert existing vehicles into full hydraulic hybrids. There are some 250 million vehicles already on the roads. The energy spent to manufacture them is already expended and they use too much fuel and create considerable CO2 emissions. To melt them all down would be a very considerable stress on the environment and hybrid technology is not very succesful.

The Hydristor torque converter is designed as an OEM replacement part which fits a standardized Hydristor into many bell housings of different manufacturers utilizing adapters. The Hydristor torque converters can be manufactured in huge volumes for best cost and reliability.

The non-rotating Hydristor is connected to a hydraulic pressure accumulator which is mounted under a vehicle wherever it can be fitted. The Hydristor acts so as to cause the existing engine to operate at or near its idle speed. The internal losses of an IC engine increase exponentially with RPM so slowing the engine yields a huge fuel saving. The energy of stopping or driving downhill is saved in the pressure accumulator and retrieved to add to the engine's power. The result is a doubling of average fuel economy for most vehicles.

Another substantial benefit is the resulting decrease of existing CO2 created by a retrofitted vehicle. Then there is the economics of manufacturing 250 million Hydristor retrofit kits and employment of millions of factory workers and installers to put the kits in place on the vehicles.

 I believe this retrofit could be accomplished in 5-6 years at a cost of $2-3 billion and that is a bargain when considering the returns. This retrofit program would cut the USA use of oil by 35%, reduce vehicular CO2 creation by 35% and put millions of factory workers to work along with installers.

We would avoid the energy costs associated with melting down the fleet and avoid ravaging the Earth's raw materials. We could also supply Hydristor retrofit kits to other parts of the world. I believe this could become a trillion dollar business over a ten year period and put the USA back on top of the economic community. The Hydristor would retrofit large SUVs and pickups, doubling their fuel economy and re-creating the buyer interest in those large vehicles. The USA auto industry would be reborn again.

The Hydristor can be viewed in much detail by a Google search of the word. There are 4 US patents granted and a fifth one is in the works. Thomas E. Kasmer, inventor


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