Push Button Hand Brake

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Push button hand brakes are used in cars for stopping it from moving forward when in parked position. All cars comes with a hand brake lever near the driver seat which takes lot of space in the middle. By using a push button hand brake which is mounted on the dash board of the car is easy to operate. It will not operate when the car is moving. It takes less space in the car and also tooling cost is reduced when compared with making og hand brake lever. The push button is fully automatic and it is switched off automatically when the drivers gives accelerator. So with this innovative technology the drivers need not have to check whether they have released the hand brake lever which they normally see in today's cars while driving. the push button has a red indicator light which glows when the button is operated.

The drivers seat and passenger seat can be expanded to make the seating comfortable for passengers. This has a sensor device which is connected to the wheel. It is very easy and smooth to operate.


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