Self-Propelled Electrotrimaran

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The submitted electro-trimaran differs from usual that pontoons are connected to the case of boat not rigidly, but hinged - by means of bars and springs. Therefore pontoons can move concerning the case.
One end of a bar incorporates to a gear of hydraulic mechanism which rotates a shaft of the generator. Hydraulic pistons are installed inside of springs such as shock-absorbers. During fluctuations of pontoons the air (or liquid) of these pistons is forced in special turbine which rotate a shaft of the generator. Depending on size of trimaran it is possible to use only hydraulic or only “ratchet” system.

Thus energy of fluctuations of pontoons will be transformed to the electric power. Force of Arkhimedes working on pontoons is sufficient to develop the electric energy necessary for movement of a trimaran. Hence this trimaran will not require fuel.
It is possible to establish on kiel of pontoons such small elerons which provide the moving of pontoons even at navigation during a full calm.
This principle can be used both on catamaran and on the big boats. In case of the big ships the pontoons will be much less than cases of the ship.

It was possible to invent such trimaran 100 more years ago. But the ships of such type are not present in one textbook or archive.
This design cannot be weak in the small ships. If the suspension bracket of the automobile maintains the contact to the firm ground then the suspension bracket of pontoons should maintain the influence of soft water easily.


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