Turbojet Engine Protection Grill

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All aeroplane Turbojet engines have no protective grill in the front to prevent any foreign particles from being sucked into the engine when the aeroplane is in motion. If a bird comes close to the Turbojet engine the bird gets sucked in and crushed and this will result in malfunctioning of the engine and can lead to disaster in mid air or during landing at the airport runway.

My idea is to provide a protective grill in the front of the Turbojet engine. In my first idea the concept is similar to the opening of a flower. The protection grill has perforations for the continuous air supply to the engine during running conditions. It will also open and close when the pilot operates it. This can also be operated automatically by opening when the bird comes close to the flight by sensors mounted near the turbojet engine. This will also prevent any foreign particles like stones or papers from being sucked into the engine. This will act as a protective mechanism to increase the life of the engine and its parts. In my second and third concept the grill cage opens sideways like a sliding door or grill. This can also be mounted to rocket engines and high speed aircraft like sukhoi and other fighter jet engines.This idea also saves millions of dollars and also from any disaster during landing in aviation industry by implementing this concept.


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