Innovative Transit and Alternative Energy System

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Sky Train Corporation created an Innovative Transit and Alternative Energy System that conserves natural resources and improves quality of life. The Sustainable SOAR300 is technologically advanced electric transportation for moving people and freight, originally funded by The Technological Research and Development Authority. It’s powered by wind, solar, fuel cell or grid energy stored in our patent-pending Energy Storage and Transfer system (ET).

Our design idea solves the problems of traffic congestion, emissions and lack of convenient, fast and affordable public transportation. It eliminates dangerous and expensive road crossings, commuter delays, and costly construction. SOAR300 only requires small support pads on ground level so uses 4% of the space of most systems, preserving land.

The potential benefits include minimal interference to traffic and businesses during construction and operation and faster straight-a-way (100mph) and curving speeds (3 times trains), reducing fleet size and passenger travel times. Automation saves 40% of operating costs and guarantees on-time scheduling and longer service hours.

The novel ideas to elevate and suspend are major improvements over ground transit. SOAR has 63 patented claims and sources renewables, unlike competing systems. It uses mostly standard automotive and re-arranged rail parts, with unique electronic configurations.

SOAR services Livable Communities, municipalities, campuses and air/seaports increasing accessibility. ET’s applications are recharging EVs and powering areas off the grid.

The transportation market is $50 billion per year. The monorail market is $2 billion and light rail $10 billion. Swift assembly and construction make implementing SOAR quicker and less costly than competitors’, improving marketability.

The SOAR design works as a monorail suspended from a track in a triangular truss structure. Our patented swing-out feature controls centrifugal force on curves for passenger comfort eliminating costly tilt mechanisms. SOAR conserves and reuses energy captured when slowing down, and with the ET, saves 40% over non-regenerative EVs.

Structures will be welded from extruded recycled aluminium; reducing time and weight. Local manufacturers will produce SOAR using ready-made parts pre-assembled into our proprietary designs. This saves time and money for engineering, tooling, and production enabling quick erection on-site.

Production costs compared to other systems are much less since we keep low inventory, use partners’ facilities and require less material content. Our systems are cost effective, estimated at $35 million per mile with our competitors averaging $97.

SOAR prevents injuries because it’s elevated, rides on dedicated corridors, and sensors notify of stopped trains ahead eliminating accidents.

The system improves public safety and security by having the track, signaling, camera surveillance, lighting and power supply installed safely overhead, protected from weather events, debris or vandalism. Its vehicles are locked in, so it cannot derail. The ET and elevation allow uninterrupted service after severe weather events.

The first system will be built as a transportation and energy exhibit at a museum in Tampa with universities providing advanced technologies and evaluation of systems’ operations to lead to other product improvements.

We provide solutions to energy and transportation challenges offering the most efficient public transit available, the SOAR/ET system.


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    Karl Guenther
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    Sky Train Corporation
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    We currently use AutoCAD & BobCAD design software. We have been working with universities, specically with The University of Central Florida's Florida Solar Energy Center and utilizing data logger and other instrumentation for analysis.
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    Transit system & energy R&D
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    I have a personal joy and commitment to improving options for public transportation, reducing carbon fuel usage and creating efficient electric transit systems. Also, to developing renewable energy technologies to provide advanced storage and transfer capabilities. Technology sharing with universities, like USF, UCF/FSEC, FIT & IIT and partner companies continuously spurs creative new ideas. For more information see Websites and
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