Automatic System of Emergencies for Vehicles

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The system presented here is destined for the transmission of information of automatic form, route repeater or satellite, (depending on the needs of the client), in case of:
• Collision
• Overturn
• Fire
• Theft of the vehicle
As complement to the previous thing, it has also other functions of manual type since like the request of help, management of fleets or other parameters (pressure, temperature of the load etc.).

The major advantages of the equipment it would be obtained by the transport of dangerous goods, but its qualities and the potential adjustment to other sectors, make that any kind of vehicle could benefited from a way of communication and passive safety that today doesn’t exist on the market.

Inside the variety of substances which are carried by road, probably the most problematic, due to its nature, are the called "dangerous goods " according for its diversity, solid-state, liquid or gaseous, or for its potential danger added to the already habitual ones in the traffic in general.

In this section, we want to be a good help to this sector, providing a complement that undoubtedly, improves notably the expectations of intervention to an incident more or less seriously, in the least possible time.

People who better know the problematics of this type of desasters are, undoubtedly, the Teams of Intervention and one of their first questions in the emergency attention is to know that type of load is inside a cistern. In occasions, the nameplate is not visible, gets lost or has suffered damages for effect of a collision or an overturn.

In case of an accident of this type of transport, would we be capable of informing, by a telephone, that it is what has happened, in what kilometric point of which road we are, and to approach, with excessive risk, to read the mentioned plate of the transported product?.

The posibility of knowing immediately from their Base that human beings, technical personnel, doctors or of personal protection they must mobilize, its risks, the perimeter to cording, possible alternative routes to the traffic etc., it has a potential of undoubted value and its resolution can be very different without this initial information.

To the specific formation of the drivers and other many measures that make increasingly sure the manipulation and transport of these substances, this equipment contributes a solution to situations that need the immediate transmission of specific information to Centers of Emergency Coordination and other additional utilities that also are applicable to any other vehicle.

We will not stop requesting to the different public entities, their support to achieve the implantation of this type of systems collaborate effectively to diminishing the number of victims, they benefit the society and that undoubtedly, soon will form a part of these vehicles.

On January 1 of 1998, has been obtained the Title of Grant of Patent n. P9400981/3 (Spain).
Fabricated prototype. Product not marketed yet.


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