Smart Vehicle Gadget

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This project intends at improving road safety and controlling pollution effectively. It also helps in effective checking of traffic rule violations. Our motivation comes from the desire to sustain a clean environment by controlling levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere as well as to improve transparency in the traffic system by eliminating all loopholes that lead to corruption. We intend to do this by fitting each automobile with a carbon monoxide sensor and a carbon monoxide certificate validation unit that runs for six months after which it has to be reset. A mobile device is implemented at various checkpoints where information regarding what penalty is to be awarded can be received from the Road Traffic Office, once the registration number of the vehicle is transmitted.

The project will be completed in 3 sections. A device placed in the automobile with a carbon monoxide sensor and its associated circuitry and a seat belt monitering system interfaced with a microcontroller. The received data in the controller is transmitted to the mobile device with the security personnel at the check points. This transmission is using low power Zigbee RF modules ( IEEE 802.15.4 standards). The second section is the mobile device at the check points. Here a Zigbee RF module configured as a receiver, receives the data. It is interfaced with a microcontroller. Now the data is transmitted to an Road Transport office (RTO) where the database of every vehicle is stored and updated. This transmission is using GSM, the European Telecommunication Standards. A java program run in Linux OS in the RTO PC accepts the data and updates the database, calculates the penalty based on the present status and previous records of the vehicle and sends a reply SMS to the security personnel.


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