Automation Of Transportation Sector

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Automation is not yet there in the transportation sector.

Our aim is to bring Full Automation here.
By using RuBee Protocol we are going to implement this.
RuBee is a Transceiver, its cost is Rs:1500/- (cheap to buy).
This Rubee Tag will have a Vehicle Identification Number and this was kept in the vehicle chase, so no one han access to it physically (full security). It will send the ID number continuously. It works with a small lithium battery with a lifetime of ten years (continuous operation and longer operating hours).

It can also be used to store details like..
Licence Number
Vehicle Owner Name
Owner's Contact
Validity of Vehicle
Insurance Validity
and those details in Vehicle Book can be stored.

It can be reprogrammed by another transceiver with security code so update of details is also possible with a handy receiver and password.

1. Speed monitoring
2. Validity monitoring
3. Vehicle Tracking
4. Theft Identification
5. Tax Collecting (Insurance payment, Epsi of vehicle)
6. Identification of Traffic rules breaking vehicles.

Speed monitoring:

With two receivers at 100 meter distance, receives Vehicle ID with time and Time between reception of this Id by two receivers is noted and with a local processor speed is calculated using Distance Time Speed Relation and compared with speed limit value. If vehicle is over speeding then the Vehicle ID is Send to RTO Office and by mail will be sent to the vehicle owner the Fine for over speeding can be collected..

There are systems like camera based speed monitoring, laser based monitoring,etc...
but, there are drawback of this systems. Processing image is difficult in Cam Based Monitoring. laser requires Police to find over speeding of vehicle..

To Implement this Rubee tag can be purchased from Visible assert the using this technology for monitoring defense items like bullets, gun, etc.

To implement a technology a system must be:
1. cheap
2. Easy to implement
3. Longer operating time
4. Secure
5. Radily available

It's another application which is very much essential for this world because we are heading towards automation, robotics...

Hope this one is a good system...
Thanks for reading...


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