Transformation Truck Box Cover

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Covering the box of a pick-up truck causes you to sacrifice the function for form. You may have to remove the accessory when you need to perform different tasks. This creates a need to storage of the accessory when it is not on the truck. In some ways choosing the right pick up truck box accessory can be like a game of rock, paper scissors... A low profile Tonneau cover gives aerodynamics, and sleek looks but severely limits the truck box capacity, an enclosed topper allows for hauling security and larger capacity but restricts vision and alters the appearance of the truck, finally, box extension rails give high hauling capacity but create wind resistance and allows for the weather to affect the open load.

This is a fully integrated convertible hard shell design truck box accessory. Reconfigurable from a Tonneau cover to box extension rails to a secure topper. The reconfiguration operation is simple and fast, the physical appearance is matched to your truck and is fully water-resistant when closed. The unit is fully contained and all of the sections store within it so no parts can be lost or misplaced.

When not in use the whole unit lies flat on the truck box. The low profile design allows for factory like looks and visibility. Covering the truck bed prevents debris from accumulating in the truck box when it is not in use. The device is built in two halves, split along the center line of the truck with a slight cantilever for strength and aerodynamics. Allows for easy truck box access yet can support several hundred pounds of direct weight. A full grown man (250 pounds) can stand in the middle with no effect.

The split along the middle allows the two halves hinge upwards along the sides of the truck to become box extension rails. This adds an additional two feet of depth which will easily double the volume load capacity of truck box. There is a steel bar which locks into place both at the front and rear of the extensions which both add structure and create an upper support rack for a ladder or items which are too long to fit in the truck box.

The topper configuration has angled sides to match up with the truck appearance and to reduce wind resistance. There front and back panels which extend into place (not shown). The center sections are slid upwards then hinged down into place creating an enclosed space. The back panel is an access door which can hinge upwards and features an integrated locking mechanism making this configuration the most secure.

The individual sections and mechanisms have been engineered with SolidWorks. The drawings were then used to make the fully functional mock-up parts from standard building materials.

There is potential in the North American market to have two varieties manufactured. A fiberglass consumer model for light to medium duty work and a commercial model made from ¼ inch aluminum diamond plate or similar material.


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