Electric Luminas

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My idea will spare the air. Firefighters can use these vehicles for hard to reach and unsafe areas. The vehicle will operate on clean electric energy. The power source will not run off of fossil fuels. The control and steering can be operated by licensed driver or firefighters in an emergency. The plan is to help eliminate pollution and congested road traffic. There will also be less road construction which in turn will allow wildlife to grow in their natural settings.

My idea in the simplest form is a flying car. My vehicle can fly forward, backwards, up, down, side to side. The Vertical Electric Vehicle can occupy up to ten people including driver and co-driver. Maneuvers can be explored by operator according to vehicles capabilities. There are motors and air pumps which allows complete air mobility.

The main controls are similar to that of a modern sedan. One can steer this car manually or automatically. The computer on board is equipped to handle emergency control and traffic control. The computer system is base on the maps of which city or state is uploaded upon arrival to destination. There a GPS and safe landing gear.

The power available can vary depending on the usage of the vehicles. This car has an electric conductor on board that will give it plenty of thrust and levitation. A quick charge station will be created for specific location. The quick charge is only a bust because this vehicle will run mostly off of power that is generated and stored on board.

This is a one of a kind aircraft that can change the way humans travel. My design can be use for local and international travel. Rescue mission will be a lot faster and safer for firefighter. Emergency personnel can have more control of traffic in the air and on the ground. Vertical Electric Vehicle will change the way product is delivered. This will also make travel around the world possible everyone. Yes, it is a spaceship. It can be use in zero gravity with its unique air duct system.
This vehicle is designed to use the technology of today(2011). This a fast, new, and cool.


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    Marlyn Hill
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    Adobe, MAC, Windows, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, Fusion 360 Electrical Fabrication, Laser cutting, Welding
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    design, music, electronics, computers, robots
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    I want to make the world a better place. I want to design transportation that will eliminate the current dangers on the road and in the air.
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    Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
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