Flying Military and Commercial Aircrafts

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An aircraft cockpit canopy/windshield embedded/inlaid with a precision milled aerodynamically perforated fine (thin-slender) flowing smooth titanium or other strong metal composition mesh, jet engine intake port with a precision milled aerodynamically perforated spiraling down-sloping furrowing fine (thin-slender) flowing smooth titanium/other strong metal composition mesh, and embedded impact-pressure sensor combination for identifying extent or degree of damage from a bird strike or any hazardous object impact, combating jet engine failure in flight, and whisking bird strike residue carcass/any large locusts or particles away from jet engines and canopy/windshield; accordingly, anti-bird strike sensor mesh enables air passenger transport in jet aircrafts for destination achievement. Novel renderings envelop military and commercial marketing and global commercialization strategies for business and economic development for stimulating employment.

It is to be understood this innovation is not limited to the exact construction of method illustrated and described, but that added changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope as set forth in the following description. Fact: all economically developed countries have aircrafts transporting passengers, Heads of State and dignitaries to various locations and destinations. A standard question: could a flock of birds, locusts, or flying particles penetrate through canopy/windshield, and could that flock of birds, locusts, or flying particles shut down jet engines?

1. A combination cockpit canopy/windshield and precision milled embedded/inlaid titanium mesh adds shield support against projectile bird/object force entry into cockpit, mesh with embedded impact-pressure sensors adds measurements for aircraft management, and jet engine precision milled perforated spiraling down-sloping furrowing mesh adds jet engine intake port support against projectile bird/object strike strait-on impact. Engine intake port titanium/other strong metal composition mesh attaches securely around intake port outer edge and extend approximately 3 inches. No location is found in the jet engine to support a powered spiraling perforated down-sloping furrowing embedded impact sensor mesh.

2. Mesh precision milled aerodynamically contoured perforation is oval; accordingly, the result of jet engine intake port air suctioning forces continuous spiraling, whisking, and unobstructed airflow with little-or-no drag or resistance. Perforated spiraling down-sloping furrowing fine (thin-slender) flowing smooth titanium/other strong metal composition mesh allow a bird or object to exit channeling along the spiraling down-sloping furrowing path and ejecting outside the engine intake port, thus denying the bird or object direct entry into engine cavity. Embedded impact-pressure sensor activates anytime an object of a calibrated proportion strikes mesh, impact data recorded and data signals forwarded to cockpit display.

Based on FAA reports and studies on the damage, an aircraft at low altitudes or during take off and landing often cannot recover in time, and thus crash. Also reported, the majority of bird collisions 90% occur near or on airports during takeoff and landing. Fact - most accidents occur when the bird hits the windscreen or flies into the engines with annual costs estimated nearly $500 million within the U.S. and up to $1.2 billion to commercial aircraft worldwide. Present concepts installation recommended for new aircraft productions and wind tunnel-bird strike projectile tested for marketing retrofits.


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